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West harbour project


In summertime 2008 Alice had the impression after praying over this issue, God meant her to move from the Roemer, where the Lion of Judah Church has been founded, to Frankfurt-West harbour (Westhafen). God wants to create something NEW in the West harbour area. The West harbour is a new residential area, not far away situated from the Cenral Train Station Quarter and the Lion of Judah Church. There is a totally different spiritual atmosphere: where on this side the sufferings and needs of the Central Train Station Quarter are present, whereas over there in the West harbour, a cold spiritual desert zone in a nice area marked by new architechtural concepts and modern, luxurious buildings.

Jesus spoke to Alice about a "Home of the living Word of God" as a place to study, to have silence and “search” for God, for spiritual warfare and intercession (between the Central Train Station and the West harbour area there's a wide area of poverty, asylants etc.) but also that HE wants to create something new on the West harbour.

We are looking forward to new developments over there! Nevertheless, we are still totally dependent on God's grace and intervention, as the apartments are mostly too expensive. But . . . as we have experienced for years, by each move under HIS leadership:
For with God nothing shall be impossible!...Luke 1:37

Scriptures for this:

Jesaja 45, 2-3
Mat. 2,11
Phil.4, 12-13