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Newsletter  2014 - 12

Dear friends,                                                                                                       December 2014

As we are being faced with so many changes and conflicts all around the world, Bible verses like Psalm 91, 1+2 actually get a total new meaning:

„Happy is he whose resting-place is in the secret of the Lord, and under the shade of the wings of the Most High; who says of the Lord, He is my safe place and my tower of strength: he is my God, in whom is my hope. “:

In and with God we are able to remain in complete security despite the increasing insecurity of the world! God is our almighty God and is unchangeable!

By the end of this year, after 10 years in this area we are now moving as a whole church from our location at Frankfurt Central Train Station Area (well known for drug-addicts, prostitution and crime). And the church is getting ready for the big change moving into a refurbished building at the West Harbour Area of Frankfurt.

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 As of end of August we already closed our Café
for homeless and street people. But also …inside the church, the Holy Spirit is moving, bringing lots of changes about here too.

It is a bit similar to exchanging an old garment for a brand new one: The old disappears however, we currently do not yet have the new one on! At the moment we are right in the middle of that process: It seems that everything that is not stable and unshakable is getting shaken away!

This is especially relevant to such key areas of our church life like:

The whole worship area and worship team: Things we did in the past, suddenly do not seem to be sharp enough anymore and now need a fresh new form. This means leaving the known, yielding to the Holy Spirit in fully new ways and discovering a new freedom to improvise in the Holy Spirit etc. including even myself. I sense how my preaching is changing and I find in it new security in Him. I like just to be His preacher like the Lord has called me (I love my job!).

Our Thursday-Night-Service is now also changing to a Prayer and Intercession Service and has become one of the most exciting meetings of the week where the Holy Spirit leads us into prophetic, proclaiming prayers for international, political and economic topics. It has become so exiting the next day to see and hear on the News - as a result of our (and many others of the Body of Christ) how we moved the finger of God through prayers for such things like, for example, recently the devastating situation of the Kurds under ISIS, fights in Kobane etc… with the result that the next morning this situation started to change and to know that God provided a turnaround. Then the election of Klaus Iohannis as President of Rumania, hope for a country which desperately needs economic reforms instead of corruption! But there are so many other things we have prayed through at the heart of God. Thanks so much, Lord, for answering our prayers!

Surprisingly and very clearly God recently spoke to me about the new church at the West Harbour Area:

„It won’t be the continuation of the `old church´ at the train station, but it will be a totally NEW Church! “ Later He showed me, that we will even be planting at least 2-3 other churches! And actually we do have at least two couples in our church-leadership, who have been prepared, for a long time now, to build new ministry /churches at their places outside of Frankfurt!

Our whole leadership-team will be involved in this exciting challenge amongst others through ministry teams at the various new church planting projects. What a joy to see all this new change in our ministry!

By the way, it has been a real pleasure working with the landlords of our new church project. We love them really and it is quite obvious that God’s hand is on the whole project! As a first step we hope to be able to move in to the first floor by March 2015. This will serve us until the ground floor is completed end of 2015.

Foto 01     Foto

In January and February of 2015, throughout this transition time, we have found provisional shelter at the Lutheran‚ Hoffnungsgemeinde’ very close to our new church in the West Harbour. What a great blessing to be able to build a relationship together for the kingdom of God before being established in the area!

The rent of the new building will be SO higher than we have been paying over the past years! But we know the Lord gave us this building totally supernatural! (See last Newsletter). All church members and leaders have given their most, we now have to trust God: HE has planted us at this new place, despite of a greater financial challenge. Therefore we would be very thankful for every financial support and donation. God bless you, and thank you, in advance.

We wish you from the depth of all our heart a wonderful Christmas time, lots of amazing Godly surprises and a mighty move of God in your life!

With much love!

and all the Lions in Frankfurt


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