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Newsletter  2014 - 07


 Dear friends,                                                                                                                July 2014

God’s ways are sometimes unpredictable, and filled with surprises! We are so happy to announce, that our church has found a beautiful new home: We will soon be moving: to „Westhafen Frankfurt“ (West Harbor), the place God had shown us - years ago now! Thank you, Father in heaven, for your faithfulness and overwhelming goodness! This started actually already much earlier!

Back in summer 2008, (while working as a church, among drug addicts, prostitutes and street people in the Central Station Area of Frankfurt), God started to talk to me about this "Westhafen Area" in Frankfurt : He told me to go for walks there and after a few days, I knew, that God wanted to START something new at this place. So I began to spend more time there and to explore the area (Judges 13,25). In January 2012 I found an apartment in the area and moved to the edge of the Westhafen. (Untermainkai 69).

In 2013, a longtime friend, Sabine Schuppener (a painter and graphic artist), rented an artist studio in this area too. Ever since we met weekly for prayer: for the art and for God’s plans generally for the Westhafen: Planting a new church? New facilities for our church? Training Center? New ministry among artists? In April 2014, three weeks before leaving for Florida to a conference hosted by Tampa River Church (Pr. Rodney Howard-Browne), I suddenly "saw in the Spirit" while praying with Sabine, a small store at the Westhafen area / Gutleutviertel (neighboring city district). Sabine then „saw“ also the interior of the store and we both knew at once that surely we were now to look for such a "little store"!

In May 2014, during the conference at River Church, Florida, in the middle of a very intensive worship-time, God suddenly showed me that we will now soon come into "a new dimension of His glory and blessing", also financially! Further I saw, that it would begin „low and small“ – like the birth of Jesus in the manger, in the stable of Bethlehem.

48 hours later, totally unexpected, I received an email from our church office that our landlord has cancelled all rental-contracts by Dec. 31st, 2014, in order to do an overall reconstruction of the building!

And... shortly afterwards, I received an email from Sabine, saying that she had found a little hairdresser salon for rent at the place that we had seen before in prayer! One could wonder: A little shop, as we desperately now need facilities for a whole church...?


But God’s ways are not "our ways" and... often demand just obedience and trust so that His plan can be fulfilled! Soon after this, I felt inside - without having ever seen that little store - that it was already „ours". And there was such an inner peace that we would too get it!


Then I flew from Florida to Texas (Corpus Christi) to teach in a training center and spent much time in prayer and quietness directly at the sea (see picture). In prayer I saw the Gutleutviertel/ Westhafen, the little store and all of this dark city district. Suddenly, in a picture, I saw a "path of light“ starting from the shop (that I had never seen in reality), and ending at a certain place : THERE the Holy Spirit told me: "there, at this place will be the new church facilities!" Wow....!


Back in Frankfurt, I quickly brought my luggage home, no time for breakfast :-) - we rushed to see the store. From there we tried to find that „path of light“: and indeed, where this way ends.... there was a LARGE CAR WORKSHOP // garage on the left side with a sign saying: „WE HAVE MOVED!“. The garage was empty and at a perfect location.! I had never seen it before! Actually, it has always been busy as a "Car Reparation Business“ until that time!


Meanwhile, God started to perform miracles: The owner of the hairdresser salon decided spontaneously, to give us the little shop for free for four weeks in August! His only condition was, that "when we would go „up there“ (to heaven)", we would have to take him with us!". (Of course we love to do that! Specialty of the house! :-).

This all happens just in time for our "Summer of Revival" this August with some Evangelists / Revivalists of Tampa River Church (FL), Vincent Skinner, Anthony Washington and others coming to Frankfurt:

From August 8th - August 31st, the shop will serve as an evangelistic center for all outreaches, as well as Coffee Shop and Art Gallery (See picture). On August 15th we will have an Opening of Art exhibition there.

Besides this, we started parallel to meet with the owners of the car workshop. We had several very positive negotiations: Many other people - of course - were interested to rent the car workshop as well!

On July 24th, exactly while we had finished to reshape the little hairdresser salon and change it into an Art Gallery, "Life&Art" we got the phone-call of the car workshop owner saying - "that OUR CHURCH will get the car workshop!“-. God provided for us a wonderful new home! Thank you Jesus!!!

Neue Gemeinderäume

We will move as soon as possible, probably end of October, as soon as the car workshop will be "converted" into a church! :-)

Foto 01

Car workshop (part of ground floor)

Lots of work and great challenges are ahead of us now, also financially of course! But, whatever GOD orders, HE will also pay for! We put all our trust in HIM! The rent alone - although still rather low for the area - will be way higher as now : In the "natural" for us, as a church... impossible!!!

We know that God has called us to this area. And it is spiritually not the easiest location: Right now, there is only a small Lutheran church left, but instead ... there is a new large mosque. It is time, to raise up Jesus’ banner there with love and firm determination!

God wants to build His Kingdom there, save, heal, and deliver many people! Your Kingdom come, Your will be done, as in Heaven also on earth!

If God puts it on your heart, we appreciate and would be greatly helped by your prayer and/or financial support! (Bank details see below). It is also now possible to send donations through PayPal. (See link on our homepage on left side above).

It IS and remains SO exciting to serve Jesus!

with much love,

Alice and all the "Lions"


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