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Newsletter December 2016

Dear Friends,

Hope you are doing well and it has been a “good year” for you too.
Meanwhile it is already one year ago, that as a church, we moved into our "promised land“: In a part of Frankfurt/ Germany called Westhafen (West Harbor), in a former car-workshop. That was where the Lord had showed us 8 years ago, that He would give us a place to build the church. Meanwhile I have moved in there too and live in the church for 4 weeks, exactly how the Lord showed me!




Humanly speaking, it was impossible to realize all of this! And still it remains a great challenge and - especially financially - a great faith project!

But we are secure in His Hand, and experience almost constantly His help, His leading, and how many things develop well under His wings!

We are a good team as a church, learning many new things and on the way – to what God clearly spoke to us – not to continue the old church, but to build a new one!

And really right now we are amidst of a process of restructuring several key-areas, like leadership-team, aiming to build on the base of the five-fold ministry.
We have just started in a new way to discover Social Media, to reach the unreached in a more effective and strategical way. For me and for some of the "older folks” this was a challenge at first. In the meantime, it has now become a real source of joy and excitement.

Just recently I had to go to an Apple store for some technical problems with my I-Phone. There I was in the middle of a table full of "gray hair generation" served by very young workers of the shop! I thought, wow, the older generation is really getting up-to-date: “Watch it world, WE are coming!”

But really the new generation in the Spirit has nothing to do with our biological age as our destiny is nothing less than eternity!

1 Sam 3,1 - 4 shows clearly the typical signs of an old and dying generation (see Eli): slowliness, lethargy, lack of seeking God, His Word and His presence. Instead: Seeking first to be where WE want to be and seeking OUR pleasure. All of this eventually brings blindness, lack of orientation, sadness etc.

How different from little Samuel. A “new upcoming spirit-filled generation” is meant here, which dwells with delight where God is. Little Samuel prefers to lie down in God’s presence. He is without fear and very bold like a young lion! He loves God’s fatherhood, and is anything else but religious or narrow-minded! Samuel was in fact not allowed to go in the Holy of Holy! But God loved so much this unworried boldness that He called him right there by Samuel’s own name.

God is excited about this new spiritual generation, full of the fire of God and fully "unreligious"! It is truly amazing to see right now what Jesus is planting in this world.

Some of it may create maybe questions in us, but He is and remains God! His plans are better than ours will ever be!

Meanwhile our event calendar is filling up very quickly. It can be found on our website, or on Facebook. Whoever wants to be on our mailing list, please send your email address to our office!

Some highlights this past year apart from a wonderful opening service of the church in December 2015:



The visit of a nice and good group of approx. 80 Christian students from USA (Antioch Church, Texas): evangelization, work among refugees, and an evangelistic service together with us at the end of their time in Germany).

In November, we had a mighty Revival Week, with our good friend and guest speaker, Vincent Skinner (River Church, FL, Pastor R.H. Brown).

During the past year, various guest speakers were here: Amongst others, we had intensive evenings with Bruce Allen, Michael Van Vlymen (USA) and Victor Gutierrez (Columbia).

We are sensing that Jesus is bringing us into a new dimension of the supernatural as a church!

I love so much an old German song: "A ship called church is shipping through the ocean of time.” Throughout storms and sunny days, God is building His Kingdom. And it is growing and getting stronger.

Dear friends, I wish you real peace and joy for the upcoming Christmas days with your family or in time of wonderful rest: Next year will bring a new start under the mighty wind of the Holy Spirit. We believe for a year of breakthroughs and God’s signs and wonders in this world like never before!

With best wishes and love

and all the "lions"

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