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Newsletter  2015 - 07

Dear friends,                                                                                                       July 2015



We are now getting very close towards moving into our new church premises, Werftstrasse 2 in Frankfurt.

It seems to us just like the Israelites at Shittim: Like them, we too are also looking across the Jordan (Joshua 3,1). The promised land lays just in front of our church.

And with this, two special instructions have been given to us: (1) „Stay behind the ark of the covenant“ (God’s glory), and (2) „… since you have never been this way before.” This means, for us staying close to God, to His glory that will show us the way to go in this challenging time (Joshua 3,4).

Although, as many of you know, in my life I have been through some big “faithprojects”, the move of the church into this new, expansive premise really represents an enormous new step in faith and obedience in Jesus – the first time for many of our church (!). I am pleased that we now have to learn in unity “to walk together on the water” like Peter. This is a good opportunity for a church towards a practical and experienced faith!

The Jordan is in front of us! We are following Jesus and the Holy Spirit: (Joshua 3,13). But we now really do need a big, great wonder from God to be able to get across with dry feet! J

What are the specific needs right now?

For the completion of the new church center – which was originally a car repair shop - we are confronted with the following big challenges:

  • As a tenant we have a considerable own share of the refurbishment to finance and to carry out, which are needed for the change of the building into a church like e.g.:
    • Suspended acoustic ceiling in the church service area
    • Floor covering for all of the first floor
    • Lights and fixtures for the whole premises
  • We also will have all the costs for equipment:
    • a kitchen for seminars on the first floor
    • three guest rooms
    • an evangelistic Café (where we plan to have painting exhibition as a mean of evangelization)

Next to this we have of course to ensure the maintaining of our regular funds to be able to meet our future monthly rent payments in full and on time.

Foto 01

We pray and know that God is great enough to touch the hearts of the willing and generous Sons and Daughters in His kingdom!

May God’s kingdom be seen in a new way with His glory in our city and our nation!.


The goal of this „new territory“ will be, apart from setting up the new church, to establish  a training center, which doors will be open for everybody.

We ask you therefore, if you also would have the desire to support our new venture financially: It would be a great help to us. We are thankful for anyone who would give once or regularly.

Mighty blessings, joy and a very heartily thank you for all generous help to establish a stable, new beginning of His kingdom in Frankfurt Gutleut-Area at the Westhafen (Westharbour)!


With much love in Jesus


Alice and Team of the Lion of Judah Church Frankfurt



Attention!  Our new address from 1.01.2015 on:

Löwe von Juda Gemeinde Frankfurt e.V

Werftstraße 2

60327 Frankfurt am Main

Tel.: +49 69 26 48 76 75


Santander Bank Frankfurt


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