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Last update:

We have now approached the last phase of  building refurbishment by the landlord. We hope to be moving in latest in October. This means that we will be starting our own refurbishing works soon . . and far more: we need to invest in new fittings and equipment.

We are very exited about the next steps and also very thankful for what God has done and provided us with.

In this final phase every help is welcome especially in form of donations to be able to fit out the new church.

For your questions please contact the church office - Mr. Malcolm Morgan for coordination and information -



New equipment

  •         In-ear-monitoring system (worship team)
  •          3-5 iPads for worship team (replacement of the song book)
  •          Amplifier and loudspeaker for PA-system
  •          ca. 3 Flat-Screens (different sizes) for overflow rooms
  •          Audio-systems for overflow rooms
  •          Amplifier / receiver for translation technics






Löwe von Juda Gemeinde Frankfurt e.V

Werftstraße 2

60327 Frankfurt am Main - Germany

Tel.: 069 / 26 48 76 75

Santander Bank Frankfurt


IBAN:  DE18 5003 3300 1910 1684 00

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