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What we believe in - Contents of faith


We believe that the God of the Bible, the creator of the heavens and the earth, is the true and only God, and that He is a God in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

We believe, that man has been separated from God through sin. But Jesus Christ, the son of God, came to earth, in order to take the penalty for our sins on our behalf. He died on the cross like a criminal as our substitute, although He had never sinned in His whole life. (John 3:16-17).
If we accept this with our whole heart, and ask God to forgive us our sins, we are able to receive, what the Bible names rebirth: a supernatural, deep inner change, by which we become a member of the body of Christ, and get supernatural assurance of the eternal life with God (John 3:3).

Holy Spirit and the Gifts of the Spirit
We believe in the Holy Spirit, who founded the church of Jesus on Pentecost day, and who is leading us on our walk of life in a concrete way. He gives everyone of us supernatural gifts beyond our natural abilities. These are called ”Gifts of the Spirit”, and shall help us to fulfil God´s plan for our personal life and to help others to fulfil God´s plan for them. (1st Corinthians 12:4-11)

Word of God
We believe, that the Bible is the written Word of God, which is working in this world today in a living way. In the Bible were written down events a long time ago, which have already happened in the meantime, or still will happen in the future.

We take our duty as a part of the whole body of Christ, the fellowship of all living Christian churches. We have personally experienced God as a loving father, who has mercy on people in need, wants to pull them out of sickness and oppression through us (Luke 4:18), and wants to reveal them His wonderful plan for their lives. This happens by the preaching of the Gospel with word and deed, accompanied by signs and wonders, operated by the Holy Spirit.

We see ourselves as a Christian church, that is based on the Bible as the Word of God, and we make it to our duty, to live and to proclaim the Gospel (the Good News of Jesus Christ) in our daily lives in a practical way.

Church Services
Our services are lively and unconventional. We don´t look for the outer form, but more for Jesus and His presence by the Holy Spirit. We follow His supernatural direction, and give Him the permission to lead and organize our services, as He pleases. So, we experience again and again new deep encounters with Jesus, that form our life and daily living effectively, so that we can approach our duty, to build God´s kingdom in this world, and serve our neighbours in the love of God.