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Löwe von Juda Gemeinde Frankfurt e. V.
Register number: VR 12498 - Amtsgericht Frankfurt am Main
Chairman: Alice Van Menxel
Board Member: Kim Lange, Frank Märtin

Lion of Judah church Frankfurt
registered society
Member of Ev. Alliance Frankfurt


Werftstrasse 2
D - 60327 Frankfurt am Main

Telephone:  +49 (69) 2648 7675
Fax:               +49 (69) 2424 7694   (Office)

We have the tax number 45 250 77 862 - K29 by tax office Frankfurt am Main 
(for donation receipt - german residence only)


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Santander - Bank Frankfurt Germany  -  Bank Code: 500 333 00  -  Acct.No.: 191 016 8400

SEPA - Bank transfer:
IBAN:  DE18 5003 3300 1910 1684 00


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Webmaster: Joachim Lange (Responsible for website contents)
With questions by appointments and events please contact the church office
- Tel. and email see above


Legal notices:

Reffering to pictures on our website (Disclaimer):
Some pictures we used with the friendly permission of the following owners
Many thanks for the permission that we can use this wonderful pics.


We not been in accordance to all contents of these websites, therefore we expressly dissociate ourselves from any and all contents of these pages.


Reference to all links on this homepage:
In its judgment issued on Mai, 12. 1998 - 312 O 85/98 - "Liability for links on websites"
the Regional Court of Hamburg / Germany decided that if a link is included on a website,
the particular website owner may also be liable for the content of the linked page.
According to the Regional Court of Hamburg / Germany, such liability can be avoided only
by expressly dissociating oneself from said content.

We hereby expressly dissociate ourselves from any and all content of such pages
that can be accessed by links on our website and that are located on servers of other companies
or that refer to individuals.


Reference to healing prayers:
We explicitly express that we offer prayer and that we pray for healing in our meetings, but that we CANNOT heal NOR that we promise healing. We leave healing completely and according to the Bible to our creater God, who is the only Healer. There is no claim for healing, nor will we give any garanty for healing.

For the good care of your health we advice you to NOT stopp any visits of your doctors, NOR to stopp medical treatments without the consultation of your doctor. If you feel like being healed, we explicitly advise you to be checked by your doctor.

Every act without counsulting a doctor is in your own risk!